Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrifty Hi-Lo

Hi-lo skirts are really popular right now; not only are they funky and breezy, but they don't blow off of your legs when it's a windy day! The problem is that they aren't really a thing from the past, so Goodwill isn't going to have any $3 hi-lo skirts for ya. But they are a quicky to put together if you know what you're doing!

 You'll need:
-a longer skirt
-sewing machine

1. Try on the skirt and figure out what length you want the front to be. Remember that you'll be hemming the edge, so allow for an inch or two of extra fabric.

2. Fold the skirt in half the "wrong" way, with the sides facing up and down. Lay your skirt out flat on a table or the floor.

3. Cut the skirt from the length you decided all the way to the back edge, making an arc. You can do one side at a time then copy the other side or you can cut through both layers in one swipe!

4. Surge the edges if you have a surger. Then iron a hem on the edge, folding up the desired length of fabric and creasing. When I did this originally I didn't think about the hem showing in the back because of the different lengths of the skirt. Be mindful of that! The hem on the back WILL show because it's longer! So make sure you fold it twice to get rid of a nasty edge :)

5. Pin the hem and then sew away! Because the fold is arced, it might require some inventive manipulation to get the desired look for the hem. You can do it! (This picture is before I decided to fold the hem again and sew to hide the surged edge.)

6. Iron out the skirt again, pressing the hem, and you're ready to go out!

Have fun,