Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY Egg Carton Lights

What cha need:
-strand of Christmas lights
-enough cardboard cartons for every light or every other light on your strand
-sharp scissors
-paint or anything else you want to decorate with
-small pocket knife
Step one:
cut apart carton and individual cups. The cups naturally separate into four petals.. Don't do what I did and try to make them 5 or 6 petal flowers because it looks bad and it's unnecessarily hard. Get the four petal flower down and you'll be happy :)

EXTRA SHINE: I did another egg carton yesterday and I sprayed the inside and outside of the carton with silver spray paint just for more shine and sparkle. It looks more like metal than cardboard now and gives it a more girly vibe! Just an idea if you want some more color!

Step two:
Make a slice on the bottom of the cup for the light to come through; make sure the slit is no more than a cm across or it won't stay fastened to the light strand. 
Step three:
Paint glue inside flowers and add glitter. You can spray paint them as well, I just don't have access to spray paint right now so I was trying the glitter out! Decorating the outside of the cup is also a pretty idea! I want them to be low key looking bc red isn't a color in my room so I left the outside the cardboard color.

Step four:
Be patient and let everything dry! Then just pop the cups over the lights and ta daa! You have your snazzy little room decor for less than $10!

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