Saturday, June 28, 2014

taketwo: Laminate Filing Cabinet

I recently picked up this scary laminate filing cabinet from a Craigslist ad!
I had originally wanted a metal filing cabinet, but they are more expensive and this was the closest deal to my house. So I bought it for $10 (normal metal filing cabinets are $70+) and put it in my garage. I had no idea how to paint laminate. But I figured, eh it's 2014, surely there is some online tutorial that can show me how!

-laminate furniture
-120 grit sand paper
-two cans of spray paint (primer+paint)
-one can of clear enamel gloss *don't skip this supply; the enamel creates a hard and durable top coat for the paint just like a clear coat of nail polish on a nail*
-damp cloths
-drill for removal of hardware
-cardboard / newspaper / drop cloth

step 1: Wipe off the surface of the laminate with a damp cloth and let dry.

step 2: Take out drawers and remove hardware.

step 3: If you have a mask, put it on now. Gently sand the surface of the laminate. Since this is not real wood, going with the grain no longer applies. I chose 120 grit sand paper because it was fine enough to sand the laminate but not too rough that it left deep grooves.

step 4: Wipe off laminate "dust". Let dry and sand again. Repeat this step until you're satisfied with your sanding job. **note: if you do not sand enough in a location, the paint will not bond to the laminate. It's vital that you sand the laminate before paining.**

step 5: Put tape over silver key hole if you want that to stay silver. Now you're ready to paint! Lay cardboard beneath the piece of furniture and begin spraying your first coat. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels, you may see some of the paint running...don't worry! It will still look good!

step 6: Wait for cabinet to completely dry and sand any spots that show signs of running or bubbling. Wipe of dust and let dry. Now you're ready for the second coat of paint. Repeat this step until you're satisfied with your furniture.

step 7:  Let your furniture sit for 24 hours and then apply a clear coat of enamel. Let dry for another 24 hours.

step 8: If you have been painting in a humid climate, bring the dry furniture inside so it can dehumidify a bit before you use it.

step 9: Reapply hardware and put the drawers back in! And you're all done!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions! 

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