Monday, March 13, 2017

Label Making

How to make personalized stickers for everything in your house that needs a label.

What you'll need:
-Silhouette Cameo (or a nice friend with one)
-Silhouette sticky mat
-Oracle 651 permanent vinyl (you can buy sheets from Michael's or rolls from Amazon)
-clear contact paper ($1 per roll at Dollar Tree)
-scraper tool or old credit card

1. Design the label on the free Silhouette software.

2. Cut the vinyl out and peel it off of the Silhouette sticky mat. You can see some of the small pieces have shifted - in this case, it does not matter because those pieces are garbage.

3. Take your tweezers and peel away the unwanted vinyl. This process is called weeding. Be sure to get the pieces on the inside of each letter. 

4. Take a piece of your contact paper and press it on top of the vinyl. I like to reuse my contact paper for a while - the decreased stickiness is actually very helpful. You want the contact paper to grab the vinyl, but not bond to it. Take your scraper tool and slowly press down on top of the entire design ensuring that the contact paper has stuck to the vinyl.

5. Flip your design over and peel off the Oracle sheeting (the white piece). Now you have exposed the sticky side of the vinyl. 

6. Now press your design on the surface you wish to label. In my case, I was adding this label to a Sterilite box full of decorations. **Do NOT remove the contact paper yet!**

7. Using your scraper tool again, press down evenly over the surface of the vinyl label. You want to make sure that the vinyl is bonding with the surface of the box. 

8. When you're sure that the vinyl sticker has bonded, slowly peel off the contact paper. For extra insurance, you can heat the surface with a blow dryer or embossing heat gun. Be sure not to overheat the vinyl. 

And then I went a little wild with the label making... 

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